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Updated: May 20, 2022

Born from a newly refurbished group of trulli; Casa Badra offers the true atmosphere of a traditional Apulian Masseria immersed in a large estate of olive groves between the Adriatic coast and Alberobello.

Tell us more about your bond with your property and what inspired the creation of Dimora dei Gelsi, Puglia

A simple bike ride over 10 years ago! I was enjoying a joyful time pedaling through this wonderful countryside and looked at this sale sign hanging and that made me curious in every direction.

This gorgeous Casa Badra is the result of many years of research, work and efforts; it sets my desire to share generous hospitality, the most distinctive architecture, and all the space and the sounds of the gorgeous countryside all around by making authenticity become the new elegance.

What are you looking for when you travel?

Connections. I love the privilege of traveling because it opens new windows over Human Resources, the stories behind their lives. To me this is a way to continue traveling over time and without time constrictions.

What you consider to be luxury ?

Luxury is the spontaneous share of hospitality because that is what’s true. Luxury is the truth in everything.

How you see the future travelling word changing and adapting to the “new” reality ?

Traveling will be more of a discovery and less of a visit. It will become a more purposeful approach to a destination. There will be more tasting and less eating, more exploring and mess sightseeing. More open fields and less corners and narrow alleys. More Villas and wonderful Homes and less hotels.