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Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Tell us more about your bond with your property and what inspired the creation of Casa Fantini, Lake time

I was born by the lake. My family roots and those of our business are here. this is where I live. I couldn’t live far from it, because the water, metaphorically speaking, constantly calls me to go further, to cross it, to dive into it, to discover it.” - From the book Lake Time. Casa Fantini was born from this love for the territory. The will to create a place for people to experience the Lake Time, to live “at the rhythm of the lake”. The idea was born, not so much from the desire to create a hotel, but more from the will of giving something back to this land. Casa Fantini was born like a real home: the number of rooms, intentionally only 11, can be the one of a house. The entrance opens onto a living room and not onto a reception. The spaces are designed to create unique moments to live with serenity and tranquility. The rhythms are not those of a classic hotel. Time at Casa Fantini regains its deepest value, allowing guests to appreciate every second accompanied by the unique combination of natura and lake.

What are you looking for in your travelling

Stories, thoughts, emotions, memories and personal stories of those who lived and experienced the territory. Beautiful and harmonious places, with that special blend of the atmosphere of the surrounding nature, the reassurance of beautiful architecture that combines past and present, constructive chat, good shared food and wine.

What you consider to be luxury The real contemporary “luxury” for me it is time.

Time is the base of our philosophy: Lake Time, to live “at the rhythm of the lake”. At Casa Fantini, an hotel with a home-like atmosphere, hours are time-spanned by our own interior rhythm, not by the clock. This atmosphere is an invitation to find the balance between your mind, soul and body.

How you see the future travelling word changing and adapting to the “new” reality

Privacy and safety will be the key points for the new reality. A huge value will be given to those hotels/villas able to provide an intimate atmosphere and to create moments in total security that will make guests forget about the terrible period that we have all overcame. People want to move and travel, because traveling means meeting new realities, people and stories. The traveling world will certainly be more flexible and more attentive to the needs of the individual.