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Tell us more about your bond with your property and what inspired the creation of Locanda in Tuscany

We asked ourselves: what is the luxury world missing nowadays? What can we offer that is not easy to buy? And the answer was only one: LOVE. That was the beginning of our project, the cornerstone from which everything started. We started looking for a place that radiates with pure energy, cause if it’s true that a breath-taking view and a good location are very important, what we were really looking for was that special feeling, when you enter the room, that you would carry in your heart and keep with you forever. We wanted a place where you’d love to come back to feel LOVE again and again.

What are you looking for in your travelling

To discover the authenticity of the place we’re visiting without any pressure or rush. We always choose small boutique hotels where we can be pampered without being followed by staff trying to sell something (services or food and beverages) and we usually mingle on property as we like to “breathe” it as much as we can. We love to discover traditions of the places we’re visiting and definitely try all food specialties!

What you consider to be luxury

Luxury to me is an attitude, is a way of living, no matter how much money you have.

How you see the future travelling word changing and adapting to the “new” reality

I truly think that with family time becoming a rare occasion, and with relatives being kept apart for months at a time due to this year’s restrictions, more travellers will opt to spend time with close and loved ones rather than large groups of strangers. Buyouts and villa exclusive rentals is on top of the lists to those who can afford it and could not have done it in the past year or so! Climate change and global warming is a hot topic across the world, and travellers are now looking to be more socially responsible and sustainable for the planet. I think people will be looking for ways they can make a positive impact on the environment, by minimising waste, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a sharing economy. Sustainable travel will keep significantly increasing