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Tell us more about your bond with your property and what inspired the

creation of Casa Mia, Trancoso

I am one of the owner and after a life spent around the world for my business, I was impressed by the unicity of Trancoso and for the vibes that I felt. With my Brazilian friend Maristela Gorayeb -an interior designer from Sao Paolo based in Trancoso since 8 years-. we have decided to create a concept of house that has mix Italian and Brazilian culture respecting the peculiarities of Trancoso. At CasaMia you can feel touch of places as Mikonos , ibiza and Punta dell Este (my favorite locations️) but as said with Trancoso contamination. When we receive our guests our aim is to make them feeling at their own Villa, and this is the reason that we have decided to call the villa CASA MIA TRANCOSO

What are you looking for in your travelling

I always looking for good vibes coming from : location , service , local people and friends who are sharing my trip and in Trancoso I have found this great mix as I always say :” most people travel where they can , some travel where they want and few travel where they dream “ and I am a Dreamer !!!

What you consider to be luxury

Luxury for me is to have time to spend in what make me happy surrounded by people I love How you see the future travelling word changing and adapting to the “new” reality I see that people will travel in a different way , this pandemia has -in my opinion given us new prospectives of priorities and we will put more attention on what is really important Nature , happiness , sustainability , well being and desires of discovery will be the drivers to choose our next trips.