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Hotel Trends for Viral Age

We wanted to explore how the hospitality industry has changed and evolved since the pandemic took hold in 2020, highlighting positive shifts and innovations that will be here both for the short- and long-term.

One of the measures it is most proud of - and which is an example to the wider hotel industry - was the

unveiling in early 2020 of its ALLSAFE accreditation, which is applied to every property that fulfills a long

list of hygiene and cleanliness protocols.

The other four trends Globetrender has identified exclusively for this report are: Touchless Technology, Health Concierges, Niche Curation and Openings Uplift.

“Today, guests want to have a guarantee of health and cleanliness. It is their primary concern and an expected requirement whenever they travel. Accor addressed these concerns and highlighted our highest standards globally via this professional certification.

“We are a dynamic business built on agility and innovation, which was crucial during the pandemic. Like Globetrender, we are constantly looking ahead, monitoring shifts in behaviour and trends to anticipate customer needs. The Covid

years were a split focus – managing the impact of the crisis today and planning for the recovery tomorrow. Tomorrow is here, recovery is strong and maintaining our people-centric approach to hospitality remains crucial.”

We hope you find this report illuminating and inspiring. Safe travels.

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