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The biggest travel trends for 2023

From pop-up hotels to slow travel and all-encompassing intergenerational adventures planned years in advance, these are the 18 travel trends we're most excited about for the year ahead

2022 was officially the year that the world opened back up. After nearly two years of being kept on home turf, this year saw a much-needed return to travel as we took to the skies, seas, tracks and roads to explore more than ever before – whether revisiting an old favourite or planning a big, bucket list trip somewhere new.

In 2023, travellers will be going one step further as we look to deepen these experiences by having a lasting positive impact on the places and people we visit. We'll immerse ourselves in new, mind-bending wellness practices with benefits that continue far beyond checkout and make meaningful changes to the way we travel with protecting our planet top of mind.

From psychedelic retreats and adaptogenic menus to flat-pack hotels and electric road trips, these are the 18 travel trends likely to guide how we see the world in 2023

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