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Sustainable Branding Guidebook

Updated: May 15, 2022

An essential read for business owners and executives looking to build a genuine sustainable brand

Sustainability has an image problem. On the one hand, most people agree that our current way of life is not sustainable, and that we have to quickly transition to a green economy. But when asked how we can achieve that goal, everyone, from business and political leaders to everyday citizens, has a different take on the matter. It’s not purely a technical issue. Experts agree that we already possess many of the tools to reform our economy. But in order to make that leap, we need a collective buy-in, a new social and environmental contract. In that context, brand owners are in a difficult position: how do we lead the change, while safeguarding and adapting our businesses to this new reality?

Part of the answer to that question lies in how companies will be able to leverage their sustainable drive and turn it into an asset for their brand, paving the way for greener growth. This document was created to reflect on the issue of sustainable branding, and offer recommendations on how to build brands that are able to accompany and amplify a company’s sustainability strategy. It stems from the collaboration between branding company Creative Supply and sustainability consultancy eqlosion. It’s better to embrace sustainability, than to be forced into it

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