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Hotel Concept Handbook

Updated: May 15, 2022

A handbook for aspiring and established hoteliers in search fo a creative fix for their property

The hospitality industry is anything but dull. Each year brings with it a bounty of exciting destinations, revolutionary new hotels and glamourous renovations. As we enter a new decade, the number of international tourists is continually rising, and new hotels keep popping up to soak up the growing demand. But whereas the challenges of the previous 20 years were mainly tied to one overarching paradigm shift – digitization – the decade ahead brings with it a number of industry disrupting trends that are changing what it means to be a hotelier

This handbook is the ultimate hands-on guide for ambitious hoteliers who want to create or refine their hotel concept, and challenge today’s vision of hospitality — complete with case studies showing the Hotel Concept Framework in action. We hope you will enjoy reading it, and look forward to your feedback

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Download PDF • 10.83MB