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New Interior Design 2022-2023: Top Trends

Our lives have changed, and so have our homes. Under this motto, the interior design of apartments and houses is now developing as a response to the situation with the coronavirus. Find here an abstract for interior design trend for 2023, and read full article at this link

How did the pandemic affect interior design?

The first aspect is rather psychological, and experts speak about it. Forced to be in their home 24 hours a day, people began to appreciate the importance of good design more. Understanding that this is more than just surrounding yourself with “beautiful and expensive things” is a question of the quality and well-being of life.

Background matters

The increase in the number of video calls not only from friends, but also from work made each of us think about the impression our home makes on other people. As in offices we wear elegant clothes, so in our room we must look decent. Therefore, the growth in sales of wall decor elements, in particular tapestries, macrame, panels, is not surprising.

Fresh air is the greatest treasure

While we remained locked in our homes, the available open space with fresh air became a real wealth – whether it was an abandoned backyard in a cottage or a balcony in a city apartment. A front garden, a green lawn, even a few pots with live plants have acquired therapeutic value. Indoor flowers are now not just part of the decor, but an expression of concern for psychological health, a way to establish a connection with nature as a source of energy.

Focus on function and form

We had enough time to study the interior of our own houses and understand how it works and how comfortable it is. This means that we will henceforth more accurately plan the premises, carefully select items for the future interior, so as not to clutter it up, buy high-quality products and materials that will last a long time.

Search for Uniqueness

And it lies in the growing interest in vintage things. They are perceived as part of history, have charisma, are individual. They give a sense of belonging to something eternal and fundamental. Finding and buying a vintage lamp, mirror or armchair is much more fun than clicking a button in a standard online store.

Home Offices

When transferring work to a remote format, interior design trends 2022/2023 must organize a comfortable, functional and beautiful workplace at home.

Even in a small space, you can make yourself comfortable. One way is to get creative with the storage system, on which the order and cleanliness of the “office” area depends. Built-in, hanging shelves, cabinets free the desk from papers and office supplies. They can be hung over the table on the next wall. Local lighting should be implemented in the form of mobile, functional and as simple as possible table lamps.

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