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Hotel Interior Design Trends: Start Preparing Your 2022 Projects

Hotel interior design trends are going to be today’s topic! Some 2021 trends are still going to be present in 2022, such as eco-friendly, however, new trends such as automatization of a room are also going to be in vogue in order to enhance the guest experience, being able to control room temperature amongst other features.

Technology Trends

Contactless journey: hotel guests are going to find as few physical touchpoints as possible to offer them the most hygienic and safest achievable stay. This will include online check-in & check out, mobile keys and cloud-connected keyless hotel locks, cashless payment methods, communication methods such as instant messaging with the staff. The latest trends include health and energy-saving technologies such as innovative air purification systems, water filters, motion sensors and automatic water stop.

Interior Design Trends

Eco-friendly, personalisation and expression designs are still going to be the go-to design trends in 2022. Certified products and natural materials such as wood, glass, stone or metal which meet ecological standards are the most used in hotel renovations or even new builds. Experts predict that natural upholstery and decorative fabrics, unpainted wooden surfaces, stone textures, large-format porcelain stoneware and ceramics will still be popular in 2022. Green plants used in various solutions – from the usual arrangement in tubs to decorating the walls in the lobby with greenery and moss – are called upon to revive the hotels’ interiors and create the right mood.

Another trend we will be seeing is the renovation of common rooms such as the hotel lobby in order to make it even more welcoming and a relaxation point. The lobbies have also turned into working spaces with long tables surrounded by chairs, and even longer centre tables next to the waiting areas. The use of light and calm colour pallet for most rooms with a pop of something extra accenting the walls. Hotels have also started to opt to have different styles in their guest rooms and suites. With this, in new hotels on the same floor, we may find rooms varying in style from classic, to modern, to art deco and minimalism.

Hotel room design has also suffered another great influence: the value of a home atmosphere, with special significance for business travellers. Due to this, hotel rooms promise maximum comfort and serenity, with a warm colour palette and expressive decor, amazingly equipped kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Another great trend we will find is hotels following local traditions regarding their meal choices.

Over the years, bathroom design has become crucial to our relaxation at home, so when it comes to hotel bathrooms, the feeling was the same: the bathroom in the hotel is proposed to be considered not only as a functional room but also as a relaxation area. So, things like the use of several types of plumbing are in vogue such as shower area and bathtub, high-quality finishing materials, decor items such as floor vases, designer lights, live plants, heated floors, innovative air conditioning, ventilation systems, and smart mirrors with built-in TV.