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About us


A collection of intimate properties. 

A collection of intimate properties that celebrate the delicate alchemy between tradition and innovation. Our Casas are a mix of contemporary architecture and traditional design, local craftsmanship, and luxurious interiors, all created with authenticity at heart.


"My passion is to curate and manage a limited number of sustainable places selected for a new type of traveller – we call them ‘progressive nomads’ – people looking to travel responsibly with purpose and in a way that roots them in the culture of the destination.

As people re-evaluate their relationships with themselves, each other and even more so the planet, we focus on fostering human connections and intimacy in an increasingly automated world”

Massimo Ianni


“My passion is to create exceptional worldwide experiences involving our finest collection of properties, exclusive experiences on the ground, filled with art, culture, and local heritage. I love travelling around the globe and with my discerning eye I gain first-hand experience and relish developing relationships that expand my extensive personal network of the highest-level experts in their fields - I feel this is what really sets me apart"


​Natasha Barbato.


Careful attention to exclusivity and details

We are passionate about the power of personalized travel.


We pride ourselves on providing the most careful attention to detail in crafting one-off tailor-made creative experiences to make your trip memorable. Whether you want to learn how to make mouth-watering pasta in Puglia or go horse riding with the Gauchos in Argentina - we’ve got you covered

Each of our casas have spacious surroundings in wonderful locations with five-star facilities - perfect for your exclusive gathering.

We will ensure you have exceptional service and your every need will be catered for.

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